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Thank you Open that was awesome and gave me chills.  A man dressed in black coat like on the video has visited my dreams in the past.  I have a friend who has been a massage therapist for 35 years and they would be happy to massage me and have before.  I feel the sensations near my shoulder blades on my back.  I have a lot of flying dreams too... and the one where I was standing at a portal watching people go into it.  So I will work on the angelic role in my life more!

I was put in facebook jail today for 30 days based on something I shared last Nov. 2020, or so they claim.  So I cannot post or comment on facebook anywhere for the next 30 days at least.   I'm glad I can still see the posts and such on there and can come here and be able to comment.  I may have angelic energy but I'm certainly a very strong willed one.  lol  

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