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Watching the "Sacred Gaia" Vlog, towards the end Open, when you're back in the vehicle: The river was visible through the window, with light and dark shading of reflections in the water. Sitting back and watching from a distance I saw the scene as a big waterfall cascading over a cliff edge. The energies (end-urges) flowing inexorably onwards, the 5D shift visible through the 3D. It's literally all falling off a cliff here! There is tremendous power and turbulence, but just beyond there lies a sanctuary; a pool of peace, comfort and beauty waiting to hold us while we bathe, cleanse and restore.

Now I've described that, I recall the vision I saw on Solstice 2012, as Gaia birthed her 5D vehicle, I saw the covered head and shoulders of Mother Mary holding the Christ child in her arms, only for the exact outline to morph into a mountain with flowing waterfall and enclosed pool at the base. The 5D earth was born. In your vlog I saw the transfer of energies gathering pace.

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