27/02/21 Fellowship of the Ring Vlog: Group of Nine: well I had to get rid of all that dense energy from Birmingham and travelling up through the Midlands of the UK - phew, I can tell you it's heavy. It means I've been getting through the work a good deal slower than on the last two tours - I trust you all have the patience, because it's kind of like unwinding through thick black treacle here!

Yesterday I took a welcome break at a woodlands I know to connect with a tremendous group of nine elm trees, who helped me channel the energy away. I also got a startling insight into what the "jibjab" actually does to people and those around them. Speaking of grey energy.

And just to be clear, any DNA changes through this can be reworked and realigned where there's commitment. Good breathing meditations like the Openhand Bow and the Chakra attunements through the different densities helps greatly. Praying Emoji