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Hi Open,

I love these vlogs and the releasing of the heavy density.  I'm shocked at how many people are so eager and desperate to get the jibjab.  Now a 3rd jibjab has been rolled out in the U.S. and talk of more variant surges, more jibjabs being created daily without appropriate testing, I think they plan to keep locking down everyone from now on, though nobody gets in trouble for being out or traveling here.  I can't see how this can continue for another 30 years.  They're even looking to jibjab the homeless...searching for them!  They say jib's not effective but then keep jabbing and rolling out in record time more new types.  Nobody even pays attention to the dangers of jabbing so many times, much less once.

The one bright spot in my town so far is the police have not enforced things since the 1st lockdown last year.  They only stop cars for speeding and erratic driving.  This town on the ocean is called city of light on the Oregon coast.  There are some vortexes and a lot of awake souls that have gathered here.  I wish I could get folks to see how they just want to push the jibjab repeatedly and that's it, but I know it won't register with them.  I will never get any of that crap.  I'll just shine on, release into the earth as density comes and keep tuning in here.

I can feel the density for sure.  I know some of my friends will get the jibjab and it saddens me, speaking out to them falls on deaf ears, even though they've never had flu shots over the years, they are drawn to get the jibjab.  I know I have to allow them to experience as they wish.  It's hard though.  I just give them hugs every chance I get!  

I'm hoping to get some massage work very soon, within the week I think, to get the angel energy moving in the area of my angel wings.  I keep seeing a vision of my angel energy and the angel wings opening wide and surrounding this town with protection.  I will stand as long as Gaia allows.

Sending you blessings and hugs, Praying EmojiHeart