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Thank you so much for that connection ! Today I was able to really tune into this vlog and I could FEEL the energy of the tree . Grief is what I felt in my throat ,and there seemed to be a lot of messages for me personally in what they had to say. Inquiries about purpose and what the heck I am doing with my life. Also a  sense that I am meant to be doing energy work here .

Last weekend I travelled to a small village in the heartland of the Gangetic plain. The visit was ostensibly to inspire some young women to learn to stand their ground in the face of the immensely suppressing patriarchy prevalent in these parts. But it was so much more. The whole visit felt alchemical ,set as it was among fields of flowers and ancient mango trees . When we were returning we got “ lost” and I felt into a strong contraction in the throat through that six hour journey . 

Thank you for lighting the way 

PS . In the first video you showed a piece from the movie that showed Gandalf the White shining his staff. I feel to add that I think that’s the activated third eye that is capable of banishing the seemingly powerful grey energies