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Dear Open,

Meditated with you through the video . I could feel he earth bounds as well as the really powerful oppressive grey energy in the 8th chakra . I could also envision the obelisk within myself and as I bowed into the really deeply dense energy I saw 2 things one was a change in its DNA -something about the direction of spiral changing in the crystals. And then as I was bowing to the right I could feel a wave of Plaedian energy coming down. 

This video gives me a good idea what to “do “ in my hospital- rife as it is with grey energy. I have managed going into that place after the jabs only by managing to spend the least time in it . And also distracting myself ( I can barely think without putting on some spiritual music !) . But I am going to try what you just did with the hospital and will post later . 

( On a totally unrelated and slightly frivolous note ,I have the exact pair of shoes -my favourite pair . I go everywhere with them :))

Namaste !