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Fantastic and deeply inspiring tour, tremendous work especialy with all of the vlogs being crafted and shared with us.

There's been much resonance with some of the entries, especailly elm trees have spoken to me to the level of tears. Number of synhronicities speaking to me, throughout 'story of the rings' and last videos is just enhancing a heartfelt connection to dreamspace. One of the biggest insights of my own tour in last weeks, is about accelerated 'recovery rate' in joining the ascending wave.

It seems that Openhand's energies assist me to process 'lower energies' at such a skillful manner, that immersion towards sheningans of society offers gold-like opportunities for opening the cracks into the crumbling matrix.

Dreaming this life into existence, there is the quality of hope within society, that is transforming into actual embodiment of divine beings starting to discover a way towards sovereignity. The pathway ahead, might be full of thorns, yet we've never been more ready than in current times.

Gratitude and blessings💚🙏❤