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Many many ThankYous from all my heart! The whole vlog-journey has been highly inspirational, highly motivational, so loving and supportive, very informative, and sooo uplifting. Every time when my energy tends to lower a bit or I have to touch some dense energy this website is the first place where I would come for an uplifting inspiration.

As I am watching this last video goosebumps traveling up and down my body and even was tearing a bit at the very end. Awesomely beautiful! All your efforts, Open, of making it are so much appreciated. Every single word I find valuable. Loved the timing of ringing the bell :)

I still find challenging to stay focused on my own vibration in the midst of external distractions. But yes, I know I'm on the path of rightness and will get "there" sooner or later. And I love that synchronicities "game" - this becomes a passionate way of living for me. The more we commit to it the more we get out of it, and the more we get of it the more we have what to give to our lives and those around us.

Sometimes is so hard to believe how society cannot yet see all that's going on around. Though nothing else I can do but to live my own life full of magic regardless of what they see or say and with hope that the ripples from my little "butterfly wings" will have some useful effect. And as the synchronistic signs were speaking to me "We can't do this alone" I absolutely support this brilliant idea of Fellowship of the Rings - thank you Praying Emoji

Blessings and much love to everyone Heart