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Dear Open,

Thank you for this much needed boost in the.midst of significant density. It inspires me to continue nue unwinding. Yesterday I got significantly agitated by the va.x.x. shenanigans including the fact that people are actually dying or being significantly injured from this . And that it's being seen predominantly in health care workers many of whom got it first, and the vast majority are still silent but have not gone to get a second dose .

I am working through a lot of grief and anger at this time and this is a timely reminder to remember that I volunteered the be here at this time and place to unwind this attachment in the first place . As I am writing this I am also seeing how I was bypassing the magnitude of my grief by trying to 'run away ' to another job or position. Wherever I go ,there I am going to be . Let me stay put and work with this density now . In here is Mordor ,as is the Glen of the Hobbits ,as is the divinity of the Elves . 

Namaste !