13/03/2021 Openhand Journal Update: I felt to share this really great update from Hugo Talks about the lockdown situation in Europe (you're doing a fantastic job Hugo - well done!). What he shares is the situation from France, where only 5% of people have had the vaxe (yes indeed!), and as a result, the country has started to ease the lockdown agenda. Of course what's been played to people in other countries, like here in the UK, was that "once everyone has been innoculated, then the restrictions would ease". Actually the reverse is true - the more you acquiesce, the more freedom you lose and vice versa - if you stand strong in your sovereign power, don't wear the mask and don't have the vaxxe, then that's much more likely to punch holes in the control agenda.

People still ask me, if we're ascending why pay attention to it at all? Why not just raise vibration above it and ignore it all? Yes, I can see the value for some people in doing that. However what we're witnessing is a great constraint on physical freedom AND bodily sovereignty. Even though we're separating into two worlds, two speeds, nevertheless, freedom of movement and expression is still paramount in the 3D.

With that I felt to share this video update from Europe as a means of inspiration, to keep the faith, keep tuning into the expansion of consciousness in the field. Because as I've explained in the lead article above, and by example in my Sword and the Stone Vlog, we are managing to challenge the narrative in key places around the world by reclaiming sovereignty and thereby each "punching holes" in the energy field.

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