17/03/2021 Openhand Journal Update: I feel given to conduct the next Openhand Facebook LiveStream this coming Saturday 20th at 2pm UK time. I believe the world situation sits within a crucial 6 month window right now. The controllers are frantically rolling out there agenda with new forms and measures from day to day. Their strategy is clearly directing to health passports through which to control civilisation. But many breakthroughs are springing up around the world, many challenges in many different ways.

Firstly protesting is building, such as in many countries in Europe. Rejection of the Vaxe is hitting the mainstream here in Europe too, with several countries having halted the Astra Zenica one after plenty have experienced serious reactions to it (no surprises there!). Here in Britain, there's been a high degree of acquiescence to the agenda, at least on the surface. But I'm witnessing something else building here - a more quiet rebellion of simply ignoring the lockdown rules. And particularly plenty of people are becoming versed in the Common Law and challenging the police with great effect.

These are all very positive signs and I feel the accumulation of them is very significantly stirring the field. This next 6 months will be crucial as to the way things ultimately go. What can we as energy workers do? We can hold the line. We can be strong. We can build, rise and express the energy as strongly as possible through the field. Never doubt the power of this rippling effect. You may not immediately witness its effects on human consciousness around you, but you'll certainly get feedback loops from the Universe through synchronicity. When you witness this, then you know your work is having an effect. Then watch how challenges and breakthroughs are happening around the planet.

Come and join me on Saturday in this very important LiveStream at a very pivotal point...

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See you there!

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