19/03/2021 Openhand Journal Update: I felt it absolutely essential to share this video with you all, which is an interview with a health advisor and civil rights activist in Israel, who shares from the heart the drastic and dramatic turn the country has taken with draconian control of the population in the guise of the plandemonium. Folks, take note, this is the model for where the shadowstate want to take all countries in the world. What is happening in Israel right now, is scheduled and planned for our countries. YOUR COUNTRY!

They're moving towards complete control of the population, with dissenters being marginalised and ostracised from society - it's erily reminiscent of what happened to the jews in Germany prior to the Second World War, except this time, it's in their own country and by their own government!

I get the sense that right now in the world, we have a determining 6 month window to interrupt this from happening in other countries. Take a good hard look at the video, and decide what you're prepared to commit to so as to help prevent it happening in your life and country.

We can do this, take heart, we can turn it around, break it all down, but we must take focussed action right now. We must apply ourselves diligently into the field, where we can have the maximum uplifting effect.

I believe there needs to be widespread non-compliance and civil disobediance... to masks, social distancing, vaxes and of course the health passports, because that's where civil freedoms disappear almost completely. High level challenges are being instigated by protest movements, lawyers, doctors and healthcare workers, such as the tremendous criminal action being taken against the Israeli government in the Hague right now for clear violation of the Nuremburg code. You can inform yourself of this inspiring action and others at this site... GreatReject

And most essentially, as energy workers, we must keep working the field because widespread challenges and openings ARE happening, in countries around the world this IS being challenged right now. Saturday 20th will be an important day with protests happening in many countries. As energy and light workers we must come together in the field, understand how we can best influence the situation to allow in the waves of light - to break down the density and catalyse the elevation of human consciousness - this is how we can harness our gifts and have the greatest effect. That's what I'll be sharing in my next Facebook LiveStream this Saturday 20th, which will be the most important to date. It will include essential meditations and field energy work that you can do in your own space. I guage we have a 6 month window to put a huge energetic spanner in their works. Let's come together and take action NOW!

Do take quality time to watch and digest. It's certainly one of the most important videos you can watch at this current time. As I watched it, I felt a natural upwelling of love, empathy and support. Witness a brave and courageous woman's call to action. Be inspired. Then find the energy activist in you...

Here's where I'll be broadcasting on Saturday...

Openhand Facebook Page

Loving support to all in these challenging times.

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