20/03/2021 Journal Update:

If you're feeling down and depressed right now, be aware, there are literally waves and waves of grey energy moving in the field. Certainly due to the roll-out of the "jibjab", but also plenty of greys looking to let go and move on - to realign, but unsure of how to do that (which is where they need Facilitators who know how to bridge back to the angelic realm...Openhand Facilitator School 2021). So if you feel down and depressed at times, it would be understandable, because that energy can creep up on you and invade your psyche. It's crucial to stay positive, connect with nature, breathe, move with deep consciousness bodywork, be creative and sing. What is it that motivates and inspires? This is the antedote to the grey energy.

Relasing the Grey Energy from Your Field

Here's Openhand's lead article on the Liberation of the Orions - releasing it from your field
And if you recognise yourself as a field energy worker, do refer back to the video I shot on the recent "Fellowship of the Rings" vlog tour...

Facebook LiveStream Saturday 20th

It's one of the subjects I'll be addressing in today's Facebook LiveStream, along with a host of others, with the purpose of addressing the tremendous challenge of the current situation in society and how we can most actively and effectively deal with it...

Openhand Facebook Page

Don't Give Up - You are Not Alone!

Above all, know that you are not alone. We are in this together, and together we shall endure.
This one's for you...
Blessings, Open Praying Emoji