24/04/2021 Openhand Journal: Being All That You Can Be

Anyone whose following the cyrpto space might have woken up to quite a shock yesterday as Biden Tax rumours hit the market and Bitcoin miners in China got jittery over energy regulation. The majority of cryptos plummeted around 20-25% lead by the "King" Bitcoin - when it goes down, they all tend to, at least for now - although an important decoupling is approaching, and perhaps the time to move on from Bitcoin.

I was sitting contemplating what does all this mean in the shift and the grand scheme of things?

In the immortal words of JFK, "I have a dream": What if the transition of finance onto the Blockchain and it's phenomenal growth means we could channel the funds to help many more people? What if there could be more democracy, equity and fairness for all? As the crypto market crashed (as it tends to do from time to time), for a moment these dreams seemed to shred into tatters. And then something happened. It always does...

I'm out in Wales in my camper right now, and in the wooded copse where I was staying, high up on a hill side, my attention was drawn to a woodpecker in the tree above me. I was glued as it deftly and effortlessly jumped, ducked, bobbed and weaved between the branches, plucking bugs here and there - it's early morning breakfast. I was tempted to go and put some seed out for it - a big hearty breakfast - but an inner pull stopped me, and a higher dimensional question landed: "how does the woodpecker become the woodpecker?"

Of course it's exactly because breakfast isn't piled on a plate that it has to go out looking for it - that it has to bob and weave, duck and dive. It has to focus and be aware - to be tuned in. The bird is crafted in its magnifence, in its greatness, by the continual inquiry, by the continual self expression. Hand out breakfast on a plate each day and the woodpecker simply would no longer be the woodpecker.

So it is with anything we do. Including crypto. First ask the question, "why am I doing it?" Is it to get rich? Comfortable? Secure? To always have breakfast effortlessly on the plate? Then you're doing it for the wrong reasons and what's more, such "dreams" of security will always make you less than what you could be.

To me, the world of crypto is excitement, adventure, innovation, levelling the playing field for plenty of people and at the same time, challenging the same old status quo. But it will test you. I bought by first Bitcoin when the price was a mere $300 and then lost everything in a wallet system that went bust. It was a tremendous lesson in letting go and beginning again from scratch - just like the woodpecker!

Remember, what ever you do in life, let it ALWAYS be about the creation of the next grandest version of you. Are you creative? Are you innovative? Do you do things simply because they express the majesty of you? One thing I can guarentee in life is that if you approach it in this way, there will ALWAYS be another step to take, ALWAYS another opportunity. And you will ALWAYS get exactly the resources you need to unleash the woodpecker in you. 

With this in mind I'll love you and leave you with the Openhand Video, "Innovate to Spiritual Success"...

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