Hi Open,

I was so sad that my friend had chosen the jibjab but also know that each of us has a choice.  They're so totally closed off to anything spiritual, no belief about any of it so it makes sense they wouldn't be able to handle 5D.  I realize now that they must need to experience more before they're ready to move on to 5D.  Once I accepted that, I was able to change from worry and sadness, and express more love to them, and keep on being my silly, goofy and funny self.  I'm sure the lighter energies helps them too.

I have an eye appt. to get new contact lenses this week, it was made 2 months ago and so I didn't sign up for the Easter retreat but hoping to get into another event pretty soon.  Wouldn't want to miss a half day of any of it.  I really enjoy the retreats.  So I'll be seeing you again soon at an upcoming one once I get my bills and expenses caught up.

Namaste Praying EmojiHeart