Hi, Open :)

Love the stream and the meditation. Several words popped up for me during the listening. Maybe just reminders, or additions to what you say.

1. Trust (you said this word in the end of the video too). Stability, focus, relaxation and ability to sit within everything and accept whatever comes up on the inside or outside has a lot to do with trust for me. These days it's strengthening connection and communication with the benevolent field and trusting more. It is like a gym exercise - the challenge grows --> I develop more trust and then I can relax INTO the field, knowing I am held, guided, and taken care of. With this trust I can adapt, learn whatever I am learning and sit back within it and, surely, make loads of mistakes and be human. So it is important not to become too 'self-focused' and 'goal-oriented' on supreme qualities. Trust for me makes everything ok. When having challenging experiences, it is important to not dissociate from them (there's always such risk in non-identification) or over-amplifying stuff (this is the risk of bringing awareness and focusing) - I turn my awareness to this field instead. This removes both risks for me. This field can contain anything and within this compassionate loving soft warm and grounded medium that immediately opens and relaxes my mind, heart and body whatever is passing through can really be felt and let go of. Then non-identification happens on its own after stuff is fully accepted and felt.

2. Discernment that is 'fair'. When things are stirred within it can get confusing what is right/wrong, black/white, good/bad, benevolent/opposing. In reality nothing is ever binary and usually is rather complex and intermixed. Besides just as we project our stuff and 'paint' external people with our inner distortions, we can do the same with energies and entities in our field. Not all of them are 'bad' and malevolent. Some serve a purpose. It is important to keep an open heart and mind and work to see what can be integrated and serve, what can be worked up, lightened and released from this plane with love, and what goes to the bin.

Concerning resistance - when the entity is resistant to move, there might be reasons why except 'it doesn't want to align with the flow'. It actually might be aligned, just not right now. It might be there because WE're not ready for it to move and trying to 'as if' force it out just won't work because it is a lie, a kind of pretence - we don't really want it to and ready for it. Or it is going through some process with us going through our process. They don't have bodies here and sometimes some energies stick because we're processing something they need to process as well. Then it might be ok they stick around until the work is done. Also, some entities often 'hold' our 'guts' from spilling until we are ready to hold ourselves within our consciousness (we may carry them inside from childhood). So to me it is really important to have a certain 'softness', openness and selectivity in the process. What I do is kinda let it be. I don't force anything or have a preconception, premeditation or rigid idea what to do. When things are ready to move or I am really ready for them to move, they move organically. Sometimes things go up, and I feel this opening above me. Sometimes things go down and the underworld opens below (btw I feel certain aligned entities or beings serve down there as well, like angels in the higher realms, you can call them dark angels or you may see them as aligned demons). Sometimes things just go in all directions, then I feel like I am surrounded by 'water' and this 'water' receives whatever is moving. Being open to whatever way things are going to move, where, how and when for me are the key.

In the statue Shiva steps on the demon. But I believe that this is the first stage of dealing with it - the stage when the inner warrior is being built -  a resolve to purify and go through transformation and reformation. At this stage the demon (the snake) is bent under. Its weakness is realized - it can't beat the light, the Source, its Creator. It is as if sacrificed. At this point there is a place for compassion and prayer for help. Then the demon itself goes through humility, and rises from the bottom of its pit, blinded by the light and trusting. It is a slow evolution. It should go through processes as well. So in some views the opposite sacrifice is made - we can see a distorted reflection of it in witches and servants of Satan, when now it is the other way around - before we ascended with the help of the shadow/snake, now we help the snake ascend. But to me it is a distortion, and what feels aligned is to agree to work with it, to cooperate, and it actually strengthens the connection to the Source. This is the stage of working on the dark side, when everything seems flipped and it is okay. It is just the working itself out and you allow it to have its path, because it is actually my path.

Everybody want a piece of light but darkness shines too you just see it when the darkness is transformed. To let this dark side 'live' through me, go through whatever it needs, correct its mistakes are a way to let it purify, realise, experience and ascend as well. Then there is a stage of integration - when it becomes an integral part, serving. Eventually all pieces of the mozaic are transformed so they serve. Otherwise there will be some part that is missing, because it is suppressed, rejected, denied, not brought back to the Source, and will have to pop up again in some way or form - it will be either projected outwards (looking for and finding never-ending enemies rather than realising that everything flows back to the Source in a complex interplay , playing all kinds of games on the way) OR manifested as reality (there actually WILL be manifestations). Plus there is a certain element to still be lost in polarity - somebody is above and somebody is underneath - there is a winner and there is a looser. To me this easily can be distortions of the masculine. Just like anything goes and self-sacrifice is a distortion of the feminine. Just as we descend to then rise, this thing rises to connect upper and lower, lower and upper. So for me it is important to discern, but also not be 'rigtheous' or 'arrogant' about the process, realising that what I see is some kind of step that takes to the next step. Then I will see the next piece of the puzzle...

Anyway, I totally resonate with dancing on the demon first hhhh then things might become complex.

3. Flexibility. 1 and 2 lead to flexibility. Flexibility of the mind about whatever twists and turns await next, whatever picture I will see next, whatever truth is revealed to me, usually accompanied by ever-evolving adaptability. And flexibility about what role I am playing. In every situation, every moment it can be different - not to get locked on some particular role is important. Shapeshifting is a skill. At times I feel like I am a rehabilitation center. At times I feel to just disengage and not interfere - disengage, move elsewhere. And usually I, again, trust that just by being and doing whatever I am doing and being whoever I am being, with all the stuff in it, all the complexity, is enough and it's doing its thing, playing its part in the process.

Love <3