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Tremendous sharing on entities Yulia - I would absolutely encourage all to read. Thumbs Up Sign

A few things stand out for me...

Concerning resistance - when the entity is resistant to move, there might be reasons why except 'it doesn't want to align with the flow'. It actually might be aligned, just not right now. It might be there because WE're not ready for it to move and trying to 'as if' force it out just won't work because it is a lie, a kind of pretence - we don't really want it to and ready for it. Or it is going through some process with us going through our process. They don't have bodies here and sometimes some energies stick because we're processing something they need to process as well. Then it might be ok they stick around until the work is done. Also, some entities often 'hold' our 'guts' from spilling until we are ready to hold ourselves within our consciousness (we may carry them inside from childhood). So to me it is really important to have a certain 'softness', openness and selectivity in the process.

Yes, absolutely right - it's a dance. BUT (and) remember that we each have a different configuration. Yours is clearly empathic. Whilst I can dance in the empathy, mine is more warrior like - like the Shiva. That's necessary too because these kinds of entities (satanic) are all about inertia and preventing a reality construct from moving forwards. Sometimes it's just right to "kick ass"!

You said...

Everybody want a piece of light but darkness shines too you just see it when the darkness is transformed. To let this dark side 'live' through me, go through whatever it needs, correct its mistakes are a way to let it purify, realise, experience and ascend as well. Then there is a stage of integration - when it becomes an integral part, serving. Eventually all pieces of the mozaic are transformed so they serve. Otherwise there will be some part that is missing, because it is suppressed, rejected, denied, not brought back to the Source, and will have to pop up again in some way or form.

Brilliantly said, right on point. For many years I know that my transparent sharings about entities either caused people to go quiet or depart. It's been the least popular subject to talk about, even though there's a lot of background interest too. It's great that we've got a "grown up" audience now, prepared to see the purpose of the shadow and to work with it to find alignment. Of course, as you've long since realised, it's when we equalise and normalise in it that the drama goes away. Denying it or pushing it away simply perpetuates and amps the drama. Let's embrace this as a fundamental aspect of our reality, then we'll grow in it.

Great sharing

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