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I used to be rather catalytic. The distortion of it was trying to fight everything and, as you know, creating a lot of resistance where exactly the opposite would be more effective. Recent years are all about refining the feminine aspect, compassion, empathy, acceptance, letting go, and learning a totally different spectrum of abilities, possibilities and perceptions. It is a great process. Such incredible humbleness, trust and relaxation. Metaphorically it is like laying down the weapons and internally 'lying down to rest' after long, tiring, exhausting and really destructive fight. It might kind of moderate the masculine and even potentially dissolve it. I would interpret it as a 'problem' unless recognising myself kicking ass when the situation calls for it. In some situations the 'old' way of dealing would be definitely kicking ass and confronting. Now I learn there might be a different path. This is why I wrote about number 3 - flexibility. It is really about not having a premeditated idea about how to deal with certain energies and allowing the 'right' energy to arise and come through.

You know it is like to some people all 'Chinese' people look the same? Entities are like that to some. Entity in the field --> Bad --> kick ass. The thing is that they're different and a different approach can work. Some of them never got to experience empathy, compassion and love. This alone can serve as a passage. Some need a more energetic approach, similarly to a situation when massaging a spot and apply force to unwind the tension cluster in muscles. You can do a lot by holding the energy and just disappearing with it within, or falling into the loving benevolent field of light (Alien 3 metaphor). Sometimes it is doing nothing and allowing it to have its course and leave. Sometimes assisting it might actually demand a warrior energy. There is really no end to variations. Every time I discover something new. Just, for example, one of the many approaches - “Feeding Your Demons” with Lama Tsultrim Allione.

Even if the situation demands a 'fight', there are so many ways to apply and express the warrior. There is thai-boxing, and there is also aikido. The point is to have a really open mind and this not-knowing enough to be able to 'see' the object, the energy in detail and respond from this open space. 

So many years I am dealing with it, and I have still so much to learn, realise and refine, about myself and this phenomenon. Every day I feel like I am just at the beginning.

The word 'inertia' stood out for me. I recognise this feature too. For me it is like moving through a very thick fluid, time slows down and everything is happening reaaaaaallyyyyy slooooowly. In my experiences both in the planes of the underworld and in this energy 'plane', this is just how their time operates. It is not like it 'wants' to do it. It's just the time there, for them is just muuuuch slower. It can become a problem since we're here to 'accelerate'. It seems like a clash of interests. But to me really it is just time-warp. In the upper planes time is faster, everything accelerates (this is why beings come from higher planes to accelerate and beings who are here from the higher planes accelerate and feel to accelerate everything). In the lower planes time is slower. This is why even benevolent energies coming from lower planes here feel like they're slowing everything down. In the beginning I had trouble with it, but now I just recognise what I am dealing with and where my consciousness is centered simply by the sense of time, and I also realise that sometimes you need catalysis and sometimes, at certain points, you need inhibitors. For example, if you hurry up, you may miss a lot of necessary micro-processes. Otherwise you'll have to come back to it and reiterate. Or, slowing down is needed when the system needs to adjust. On Earth it is not like up there, everything can shift and adapt in the blink of a thought, of a realisation. Things need to adapt here, it takes some time. It is like we eat denser foods to slow down. The same here - some beings serve in this way. So slowing down helps focus and really deeply 'cleanse', 'refine' and properly 'rebuild'. So I learned to trust and work with whatever is taking place. I kind of switched to 'assist' the process of ascension rather than accelerate it. This leaves room for sensitivity to what is needed at the moment, for me and for the collective process. And the thing is that we all might have different purposes and functions. So at the same point in time one can feel to slow down and another to accelerate. I believe that if we all accept the 'differences' and each do 'our' thing' then we work in unison and the right thing will happen on the overall, with the right rhythm/rate/speed.

After I realised the point of inhibition and the need to sometimes take it slower I ran into the book Inhabited Island by Strugatsky (I mentioned it) plus the confusion of benevolent energies with malevolent. This book was a sync that nailed it for me. I think you might enjoy it, very metaphoric and to me, important, for those who come here to assist. See if you feel like reading:…


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