I felt it important to inspire the movement of new energies for people in the communitty today, it feels like that possibility very much exists as new Shiva energy flows in. Hence my article above...
It's High Time to Get Some Energy Moving!

And if you want to make some truly catalytic life changes, then it has to be Mexico
We scheduled the DIVINICUS retreat there in 3 weeks time exactly because it felt like the right opportunity to get moving again, to break out, to open up, to challenge the narrative. If you have the sense of adventure activating, there can be no better event for you. And we have a bonifide exemption for travel - an International Conference.

Check it out...

Time to breakout! This is our ground breaking course DIVINICUS, bringing in the divine human, where we take you deep into humanity's past life karma, peel it away, then activate the spirit light body so as to embody the new human evolutionary being. And, at an awesome secluded island off Mexico that is easy and affordable to reach. Let's unleash the Divine Being!