It is amazing that I feel the same energy. Resonated with so many words in the article and in the 10 ways.

This was especially moving for me because I get this message a lot through synchronicity: "No matter that at times you may already wish to leave, you incarnated here for a reason! ". One of the signs for me that I am on the right way is that I don't want to leave anymore and believe that there is a higher purpose in everything. This is such a great time for renewal. Dense energies seem to move much more quickly and easily than before, and I can see that everything I have learned over the past year through my inner work with myself can be now applied for moving the surrounding energy and other people blockages. Amazing experiences. It's like I can only give what I found and serve with that. Then there's joy and fulfilment.

For me one of the best ways to move and free energy is to dance.

I've had several experiences of 'death', when I felt like I was dying over the last years and each time there was a movement of the body before or after. After that I began to feel that every movement has a meaning and the more I let go and allow the body to take over, the more I feel I hit the 'tune', goosebumps. There were events when I felt like I am opening gates or portals and moving the field with the movements. I watched the series The OA and there they have these special movements that are the language of angels - the way to speak through the body, and everybody had a different 'key', a different set of movements. It really resonated with me.

In Kabbalah they teach that there are different levels in the soul, which is built of sections, each gets into the body in accordance with spiritual work, and when a person is ready, his lowest soul leaves and his spirit comes in. From this point he is considered 'an angel' - in a sense that like angels he is at service of God, only 'better', because he is actually embodied. Every time the person reaches a new rank another part of his soul can get embodied with a new set of skills and realisations. So it is a kind of death and rebirth, technically, and we come back with new parts of ourselves and new language.

On the overall, I feel it is time to trust that we're in the right place doing the right thing, not perfect, but good enough, and that we're not alone even though on the outside it may seem very lonely. I don't have anybody here to share my experiences except one friend, but I never feel alone on a spiritual level, because I feel others in the field and most importantly I connect and turn to the Source. And I keep trusting. Whatever we do, however we express is a dance, our unique dance in the moment, wherever we are, even in the most 'unlikely', seemingly mundane situations. Actually what I found is that there is no mundane. Something is always going on underneath the external events.

This video with Dead Can Dance song really inspires me:



We are the stars which sing
We sing with our light
We are the birds of fire
We fly over the sky
Our light is a voice
We make a road for the spirit to pass over

Outò, ba mwen son ou, e
Outò, ba mwen son ou, e
Tanbouyè, o ba mwen son ou
Solèy lève
Outò, give me your sound
Outò, give me your sound
Drummer, give me your sound
The sun rises


(I also love this album…) - powerful stuff to meditate or dance with for me...