05/05/2021 Openhand Journal - Portals Opening

I was travelling in the dreamtime all last night. Major shifts and openings were happening in the field here around Glastonbury - a narrowing of the densities, a dropping of the veils. In the days previous, I've dropped deeper into the physical, which felt disconcerting and disconnecting for a while, but now I know why. Dynamic new energies needed to be brought in and anchored. A portal opened up and a raft of higher dimensional "dragons" stormed in as flashes and streams of light, zipping across Wearyall Hill and around the Tor. I saw the stone tower on the top of the Tor break apart into rubble, replaced by a golden shaft of light - a light house.

It was a Dream, But Real Too

Yes, it was a dream, but I was fully awake during it, and I could feel the Dragon energy pouring in through the portal and surging around me - then further afield, zipping across the roof tops and across the land.

What does it mean?

These were "sky dragons", metaphysical energy flows to open up channels of light, to activate vibrant new consciousness in people. It's charged and exciting - vibrant.

5D energy is not what many teachers here have correctly understood or presented. It's a highly fast and vibrant energy. It knows no fear. It is the antithesis of control and holding on. To ride such a dragon, you've got to let go inside and open up. You've got to be prepared to leap off the cliff-face and into your destiny...

This possibility is real, in all walks of our life - to consciously create in a vibrant new way - to step forth confidently and with conviction along the pathways of light that are opening up.

Are you one of the dragon riders?

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