Hey Open, I've been tuning in again from time to time, and thank you for this article. I know you've been talking about these events for a while but I always thought the whole catastrophe - including the start of it - was not until 2050 or so. I've been diving into their material yesterday after you posted this and learned a solar flare that'll destroy our entire electricity grid/digital world could even happen before 2030. Apparently the sun is already releasing flares close to that, just not in our direction. My human part is concerned, yet I feel a strong underlying thrill. Back to stone age conditions.. whew. What a beautiful invitation to give myself even more to the only real game going on, at the same time more appreciating all the things that are still possible right now with technology. It's mind altering to let sink in what it really means to go back to stone age conditions and I notice it maximizes awareness around everything I do. My mind is going over ways to prepare for this, and I guess that's an important part without giving into fear or panic or deny it until it actually happens. I wonder how predictable it is when this flare actually is going to hit and if people will be informed, as it has been awfully quiet around this in msm. I'm also wondering how the shadow state is handling this as they never seem to grow tired of pushing their agenda, yet what are they trying to accomplish with this event in near sight? But I guess that energy does what it does and also goes by "if I knew the world would come to an end tomorrow, I would still plant an apple tree today". Exciting times!

"Wenn ich wüsste dass die Welt morgen untergeht, würde ich heute einen Afpfelbaum pflanzen."