You may have heard about the "Fire the Grid" movement, the compelling story of Kelly Yates, whose drowned son was saved and healed by Light Beings. She was then encouraged (overtly influenced?) to get people en mass to "download their energy" into the earth grid in 2007. It was massively successful in coordinating people. But to me, something didn't feel quite right about it, I felt there was some Opposing Consciousness dupe going on about people being manipulated to give away their energy into a harvested field. As I was exploring the material for this article above (5D Ascension: The Pleiadians and the Toroidal Flow), I heard about the Fire the Grid 2, which happens today at 11:11. Initially I was once more sceptical because of the previous experience. However, this time what they're sharing completely tallys with my crop circle Pleiadian connection, and the hexagons - and this time, it's all about simply expressing your joy!

So I asked the Benevolent Team what's going on here? I was clearly shown that there had been a "turn around" - this is indeed now a benevolent action, with no harvesting energy going on by the Opposing Consciousness. The sense of it feels aligned to me, which greatly warms my heart - maybe you feel to partake?...

Fire The Grid 2

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