Hi Open,

I went to check out the link,  Return of the Pleiadians and Earth Energy Reconciliation and it says it's been deleted.  I really enjoyed the rest of the article though. 

On #3 you wrote:  Be clear to create more from signs, synchronicity, numerology, sacred geometry etc... 

While free-wheeling along the Oregon coast yesterday the number 333 stood out to me.  I'm curious how or what do I create with this?  Still learning about all this and find it fascinating and exciting  I do see 11:11 a lot too.  I also realized not long ago that the numerology of all the home addresses I've lived at, including the current one, breaks down to a 4.  Lot of 4's in my homes.  What should I be creating from so many of these?  Many times I feel an upwelling of something wanting to express but not sure exactly what at this point... something artistic.

Thank you Praying EmojiHeart