22/07/2021 Openhand Journal Update

We're having a marvellous and deeply alchemical time here at the Avebury Facilitator School, and also beaming it live across zoom to people around the world - USA, Mexico, Africa and India - it's definitely all inclusive! Yesterday a powerful process kicked off in the group that took me somewhat by surprise. Suddenly several of the empathic women took on the various challenged energies of the locality and began processing it through them in a very dramatic way. What was fascinating was how they all suddenly triggered together and how each expressed a different facet of a complex unravelling dynamic. We were connecting into different compacted layers of the field, processing grief, trauma and also shame - this was the Opposing Consciousness in different guises that had become intensely aware of the deception it had locked humanity into.

We also connected into the wave of regret - the energy of people worldwide who were silently regretitng taking the jabby. That indeed was an interesting and surprising revelation that's bound to have a positive unravelling effect in the ongoing pandemic measures - we shall see.

It took us all morning to process the energies through. It was like the group had collectively become a key to unlock the energy field, and at a planetary level, particularly since Avebury represents an important global gateway. It was then that I realised this fantastic crop circle below had just appeared south of where we're working. See what you make of it. To me, the key and lock metaphor stands out a mile!...

These are highly alchemical and globally transformative times for sure!
Good to have you tune in folks 👌

Open 🙏