One of the facilitators here in Avebury had an intense and phenomenal experience of settling into the Galactic Core yesterday. What do I mean exactly? The Gallactic core is the centre of our galaxy around which all life in this part of the Universe rotates around. It's an intense gravitational field. It holds a construct in place around which life can crystallise in relativity in order for experience to happen. The Galactic Core is also the destroyer of constructs, for when that balance of that karma breaks down and that particular reality becomes unstable (as we're witnessing here in societyon Earth right now), then the energetic fragments of the reality will be drawn into the galactic core and broken down - "composted". A highly advanced spiritual facilitator will become able to hold the galactic core within them, which then breaks down distortion in the person they're working with. It also channels implants and entities in the person's field away.

What I witnessed yesterday was beautifully profound. As identity was breaking down within the facilitator, wave upon wave of deep gravitational force was pulsating through them - I instantly recognised the galactic core sitting reflected in front of me. I do believe it's what the Mayans referred to as Xibalba - the Underworld portal. It's because it is the "destroyer of life" - but much better understood as the destroyer of distortion.

When you become able to embody the galactic core within you, then your facilitation takes a quantum leap in possibility and effectiveness. You bringing unfathomable gravitational force to the unravelling of karmic density and processing of implants and entities - they're drawn out of the client's field and through you whereupon they're broken down through the galactic core. That more facilitators are becoming able to connect with and embody this is going to be highly catalytic within the ongoing shift.

I felt to share with the wider community to inspire and encourage that although things look complex, challenged and unstable on the surface of society right now, tremendous galactic resolving forces are coming into play to support the Great Realignment

I also felt to share this Openhand video about the onset of the Galactic Superwave. It's clear that in an approximate 12,000 year cycle, the Galactic Core also sends out a catalytic pulse that accelerates the breakdown of karmic constructs - it's like a lance piercing a distorted reality bubble...

Blessings to all

Open 🙏