23/07/2021 Journal Update Annunaki & Anshar

It's pretty much impossible to put into words exactly what is going on here at the Facilitator Conference in Avebury, UK. Between us in the group, with the rich diversity of star-soul frequencies, we've opened a wide, deep and expansive "pipe" into the surrounding field, through which all manner of transmissions are happening with the various ET groups connecting into the Shift situation.

Yesterday, highly synchronistically, the ickonic crew released the 4th promo for their new "Divine Intervention" documentary, where I felt given to talk about how the Annunaki had led the hybridisation of humanity during the time of Atlantis. I expressed how, following a benevolent mission back at the galactic alignment of 2012, they had been confronted, regressed back to their ancient Sirian karma, healed (to some degree), and then helped to elevate vibration out of the Intervention - it became a marked gear change in the opening up of the field. The Annunaki became more benign. It was at that point I lost track of them, that is, until yesterday. Meanwhile, I'd had a concern that a group called the "Anshar" who have appeared on the planetary scene here since then, and who seemed to be distant cousins of the Annunaki, might simply be a new iteration of them - that they still might have some design for the future of humanity. Well known whistleblower Corey Goode has spoken of them as expressing themselves as a 'future timeline' of humanity - a future "evolution".

This has always concerned me greatly: that humanity was simply being set-up to be harvested into another deception. Yesterday the Anshar came through to the Facilitator Group here aswell as the Annunaki. What transpired was an interrelational dialogue, where one member of the group was channeling the Annunaki and another the Anshar. I was dialoguing with them whilst providing a bridge to the higher dimensional Openhand team.

The Annunaki expressed that they were working to now support the shift of humanity, which felt accurate and honest, although still slightly misguided in how exactly - still a risk of 'healing' but without self-realisation and therefore a risk of the loss of human sovereignty to a 'greater power'. Still it was clear there was a heart-felt benevolent intention to support - particularly as a means of healing their own intervention karma. I invited them to support the emergence of individual human sovereignty which you could feel resonated amongst them.

They also wanted it known that the Anshar were not the next evolution of them, but a lower realised offshoot. I also inquired about the term "Anu". I'd experienced back in 2012 an embracing of that new name for their group after their shift out of the intervention situation. What this particular group expressed was that indeed some have embraced the new name, however this particular group wished to retain their previous historical root as Annunaki - there was a feeling of sovereignty about that.

The Anshar, on the other hand, came across as a collectivised consciousness centering around one particular leader being. It was clear through their expression that there was a fair degree of arrogance in respect to humanity, hence their belief that to direction and coerce was acceptable - they came across with a superior aire. This was confronted through me as a distortion of truth - whilst they may have a deep and sophisticated knowledge of field energy work, that truth is plain and simple yet all powerful. They considered themselves to "be above", whereas I pointed out that the lowliest blade of grass upon which we walk, is pure, evolved, completely whole, and expressing the wisdom of the truth. That truth cannot be owned, but is effortlessly and simply expressed through all life: from the blade of grass to the tree.

It was fascinating to witness the effect of this exchange. The meme was indeed recognised as truth within the collectivised consciousness, which then went viral and quickly shattered the coherency of the collective, just like shattering a glass ceiling. The Anshar broke apart, broke down, and went deep into grief processing - the central leader tried to hold them together, but there was a clearly expressed push-back against his continuance. The facilitator group here did a sterling job of holding the Anshar in that healing process and bringing them back to the creator source - it was a stunning experience to be a part of and witness.

This is bound to have reveberrating, rippling and liberational effects through the shift situation on the planet. I felt it important to share the snapshot with you all in the wider Openhand community.

Much love to all - these are profound times of deep evolutionary change

Open 🙏