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If you'd like to follow the threads of the work we're doing, then take some time out to start building your Ascension Meditation practice. Here are two that we adapted for meditations yesterday to connect us into the field and the ascending shift. The first you can sample and then if you wish to download. The second you can listen to the whole meditation for free, but you'll need a members account to do so. Just click on the meditation and then on the link in the pop-up window...

"Breakthrough Breathing".
Meditation MP3 audio download

Here's Openhand's essential Breakthrough Breathing technique used on courses to attune sense of presence and the soul flowing through the bodymind.

Sample Here
£5.00 (GBP) (approx US$6.50) Buy Now!

A powerful audio meditation to help you let go and allow in the Ascension energies of higher consciousness. People have told us it's deeply releasing, catalytic and evolutionary. Enjoy!

  • Duration: 25 minutes
  • To download to your computer or MP3 Player...Buy Now! £3.00 (GBP) (approx US$4)
  • To listen to the full meditation online for free...Click Here
  • Check out our other Meditation Downloads here...Meditation Downloads Page