10/09/2021 Rise Eden Rise Update

Yesterday here at Eden Rise we've been looking at how you make conscious choices in life? Also dealing with feelings of regret about the choices you have made. One thing to realise is that whatever happened to you needed to happen - that your configuration of consciousness at that point made the choices it did and needed to - it was inevitable and couldn't have happened any other way. Or at least other circumstances could have been created, but essentially the outcome would have been the same. Why? Because by the Law of Attraction, the space-time-continuum bends around your configuration of consciousness.

Of course some people have realised this and therefore try to intentionally reshape their consciousness so as to pull in a more desirable reality. But from what place is this really coming from? I'd say from a sense of lack and non acceptance. The One in you can accept all things and situations - because learning happens followed by the revelation of soul. So to make more aligned choices is to accept what you've created but then inquire why? What attachment or fear was there that needed to create the situation the way you did?

Explore into it, feel the attachment and work to let it go.

Now something fascinating happens: you realise that the distortion conceals a hidden gem of truth about yourself - a fragment of soul. Let's say for example you have resentment towards a leader male-type character, probably because the paternal figure in your formative years was over powering and controlling. So you gave over the paternal energy in yourself (which we all have) to that figure, thus creating a disempowering loop in yourself. Now you're drawing people (partners for example) like that to you, which in effect, you require to make yourself feel complete - the sense of trust or rock solid centredness or the provider that a father figure represents.

However with those characters you draw, there's also underlying unconscious resentment because at some level, you recognise you're giving your power away. In these situations you're unable to make free and conscious choices that align with your soul. So can you work into the resentment, recognise you co-created the dynamic, and now can you reclaim that aspect of soul consciousness (the paternal energy) that is your own? - the energy of strength, standling alone, like a rock, standing tall like a tree - taking responsibility to generate your own resources.

Reclaim the energy as a feeling sense, embody it, and then come forth from that place the next time you're in a similar situation. The resentment eases. You can now have aligned relationships with strong powerful male figures. Now you create a more aligned abundant reality for yourself and stop creating dysfunctional relationships.

This is how we approach the realignment and integration of soul at Openhand. Of course you've got to dig deep to break these disempowering loops. That's the benefit of coming on retreat - we apply ground-breaking meditation and deeply revelatory self-realisation processes to quickly get to the heart of the issue, unpack it, express it, let it go and realign through it. That's a key aspect of the work at the Openhand Ascension Academy...

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