11/09/2021 Openhand Journal Update

Our final full day here at Eden Rise was simply fabulous. We've entered extremely poignant times in society and the shift, where increasingly people who are challenging its 'defunctness' inside themselves are detaching and coming more into the quantum field - that which precedes crystallisation into the manifest. So now you're becoming the master of your reality and not the victim of it.

It's a fascinating place to be. You feel less and less physical. Your orientation of consciousness changes. You're tuning into subtle perceptions and nuances which now inform your reality. You start to weave and create by this new inner attentiveness.

Deer has come into my cards a good degree recently, especially leading up to this retreat. I reflect upon what might deer be telling us? It's super sensitive and alive, incredibly tuned into its environment. It seems to dart in an out of the 3D as and when is necessary. It engages but then is gone - to me this is the sense of coming increasingly from the DreamState.

Our retreat concludes today, on the anniversary of 911. It was totally unplanned but it seems a very fitting conclusion. To me 911 reflects the bankruptsy of the current system in which we live and the requirement to break free of it, as it progressively collapses in the years ahead. Let your soul progressively emerge from the density - a new way of living and being awaits us - is right there, right now!

If my sharing of the quantum space, The Dreamtime, intrigues you then do review the Openhand lead article on it...

Living in the "DreamTime" of Joyful Multidimensionality

And do be watching out today for whatever creatures may pop up in your environment to provide some clues as to how to more deeply access the quantum field...

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