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We had a magical week in Eden Rise! I feel so excited and honoured having a chance to be part of this group. Yet today I'm still floating in a feeling that I was away from this planet Earth dancing somewhere in the ether with most beautiful souls.

I will remember with every Openhand Bow going forwards that sense of a powerful Openhand's "invisible hand" as if holding me firmly by the neck and pushing down into the depths of density asking from one to ten how much do we want to change our being and our life Thinking. That was incredibly powerful!

I find myself again and again repeating that words are not my way of expression and this morning while contemplating words to write the feedback this old video from Mylene Farmer emerged from my memory - it is precisely reflecting how do I see and experience the work, that of my own and of the group, on every Openhand retreat. It also speaks to me about the connection with the twin flame - once experienced it cannot be lost or disappear but may be dimmed by engagements in 3D...

Thank you from all my heart Open, two brilliant facilitators Matthew and Joy and all fellow travelers in the group 🧡 I bow to you all Praying Emoji


With all my stellar love

Asya 💜