25/09/2021 Openhand Journal Update

We've just completed another marvellous Divine Being Activation retreat, this time online, with people from the USA, Europe and India. As the climate of change ramps up across the planet, you can palpably feel the acceleration in the energy field, which encourages people to drop deep more readily and let go more deeply. It means powerful transformations are possible (for anyone wanting to get involved in the next string of upcoming events, check the Training Calendar at the Openhand Ascension Academy).

As I reminded the group during the closing ceremony, that how ever crazy it gets out there, how ever challenging, you always have at least one being completely on your side, that is there for you no matter what - your Twin Flame. Your Twin Flame is your divine compliment, the unmanifest aspect of you, but which speaks and reflects through signs, synchronicity and energy all around you. But as Betsy, the support facilitator at the event, reminded everyone: to unleash the Lotus on top of the pond, you have to dig amongst the weeds and mud at the bottom.

Your kundalini energy gets fragmented with attachment in the mud and weeds of life - in general living circumstances, in jobs and especially in relationships. You have to be prepared to dig through the weeds of these attachments, felt as inner tightness and conditioned programming, then to break them open to release active kundalini energy.

Thus released, the energy forms an activated cycle with the multidimensional landscape of your immediate environment. NOW your Twin Flame has the energy to dance around you. And most importantly, there's clarity of guidance and direction. It becomes much clearer the choices you need to make for your own highest good and your purpose here in the shift.

With this in mind, I felt to share a deeper insight into the Twin Flame phenomenon through the practice of trantra, to help all develop this tremendously alchemical, fulfilling and abundant dance with the divine. It's especially essential now, as the shift really hits the fan...

The Practice of Trantra to Experience Twin Flame in Daily Life

In loving support

Open 🙏