Great that you've joined us Shakti8 - and welcome to Openhand :-)

It's awesome that you found your power to break free of the old life.
Yes it takes a great deal of courage. *OK*

At some point after that, we may well come to realise that the original false life only formed because aspects of the soul were identifying in some way with reality - in other words getting lost. But in these places - like in relationships for example - there's also great truth in why they happened in the first place. Distancing oneself from the past is the first step to reclaim the wholeness of the core you. But then to become truly complete, the soul will draw us back again (if we allow it) towards some of the old patterns and situations, not to get lost in them, but to reclaim the buried fragments of soul that we may have repressed and denied in breaking away.

Reclaiming these lost aspects leads to Enlightenment, enabling the soul to flow through all situations and circumstances without getting lost at all.

Wishing you well