Upon furthering the exploration of this and relating it to being in the natural flow of the moment, I see its simply being interrupted by connecting through text messages or all the cell phones. All the virtual interactions that are connecting each yet inadvertently divide when we are truly in the presence of one another or distract when experiencing life naturally. Its simple on many levels but has invaded the daily lives deeply.

"If you conduct action - any action - and you're not fully, consciously engaged in what you're doing and not aware of what's going on around you, then you're not present. You're lost in a program and living in an illusion. In such instances, you're not really living at all!"

True...I see my reluctance to express in words relates to the perception that words are a response filled with energy that most often feels to add turbulence or alters the flow of the moment thus creates an inner disturbance as I am peaceful in the presence and pure observation of just living life

Brings to mind how last evening when I was in the canoe enjoying the warm sun shining on my face, my sons friend was paddling and between the paddling he would make "water tornadoes". At first it created a large disruptive swirl but it was always reabsorbed with ensuing calmness and eventually stillness once again. Thank you