I saw Cloud Atlas a few weeks ago too. I was so excited having seen the trailer, it promised so much about past life connectedness, and working through your Kharma....I really enjoyed it although (You can probably hear the BUT coming a mile away right!!) for me it initially disappointed on a couple of points. I found the different characters & plots hard to follow for the first half too. I really hoped the film makers (From The Matrix) would go further with the subject...it felt a bit tame & subtle compared to the trailer.
Although I think that might just have been me because it did have a profound effect the following day as I think energetically I got it far more than on a cognitive level, so I researched it a bit & the penny dropped intellectually too. Tad embarrassing but I didn't realise all 15 or so of the main actors played 6 parts each, I got the obviously ones but totally missed the fact that there was that much symmetry in it. A pretty amazing achievement for the actors & the whole production I thought! It left me really wanting to see it again to take in more of the layers of appreciation I clearly missed.

Ps. Love Hugh Grant as a cannibal, it was just hilarious :)
Didn't realise 'Mr Smith' was English & if I admit to falling asleep for the shortest cat nap ever when Tom Hanks & Haile Berry met in his office, you'll probably understand why I didnt get it all ;)...quite a key moment I've since realised.
It is very exciting where filmmakers are taking their art!