Hey Chris

I find that I don't watch 'movies' like I used to anymore. It has become just like life, like any situation, another tool of self-realisation. I find that if I look through , then there is always some gift in almost any movie I watch.

And I agree, that recently movies have become more and more reflecting the 'real' world hiding behind the world visible to most people's eyes, and, funnily, they seem to look more and more surreal.

I believe that human mind can't come up with something that doesn't already exist on some level, it just picks on these things that we know somewhere deep inside and distorts them.

I found that most things that I have ever seen in movies, read about in books, all these things exist, they are just often misinterpreted, added some emotional cloud, and some physical form, that doesn't necessarily describes the energetic form well. But they exist in their 'real' form.

So now watching movies (especially those that seem most impossible and unreal) and reading books, including fantasy books, bring me much more than just some entertainment and fun. I enjoy them on a deep level, learn from them both about myself and the surrounding reality.

One of the movies I really enjoyed recently was Stardust, full of metaphors and messages, cute and heartwarming one. Thank you, Ben :)

I haven't watched Superman yet, but I surely will, as just today I was talking about my hardships with not fitting here and learning to accept that I am an 'alien' here hhh and realising that I can never be 'really' human. So I am really curious and looking forward to see it now :)