I'm very late in responding to this forum, but I just discovered Openhand a couple of weeks ago. Many of these films I knew and agree. This clip is, to me, the best visual of what ''faith'' actually is that I have ever seen....the 'leap of faith'' in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. And today, as a viewed it again, I believe that Openhand is represented by Harrison Ford throwing dust on the path so it will be visible to those following. That is what your mission seems like to me, and what it has meant to me. TO me, Ascension was/is a surrender into a leap of faith. Nobody really knew what lay ahead. We are learning as we go, and from those path-showers who go before us. And my eternal soul-mate of all time elected to remain in 3rd D, not wanting to take a chance on leaving career, parents,possessions the promise of a life everyone expects of him. So I'm on the path alone...not alone...but painful still 2 months after he left. His path is his own to choose and I am becoming more unconditionally peaceful about it. I'm so grateful for the 'dust on the bridge' from 3rd D densities to the unconditional LOVE-LIGHT of the higher frequencies. Thank you, Open and Trinity, and to all of you in community together with them.