I would recommend The Secret Life of Walter Mitty...I think it has an extremely profound spiritual message. In my view, much deeper than it is generally understood (this film is widely considered as one about some 'midlife crisis').
Just think about it..W.M. is the 'little guy' a negative asset manager at LIFE Magazine. They are preparing the last issue of LIFE as it is going online afterwards: so that LIFE will never be the same again. A huge change is coming at LIFE. The old, tangible edition will cease to exist... There's also a downsizing at the company: not everyone can step through the gate of the new LIFE...
Here comes Sean O'Connel, the mysterious photographer in the picture (a photographer, in my view, first and foremost is the master of lights and shadows). No one has ever seen him. He constantly travels around the world, hence being 'omnipresent'. He communicates with people only through signs hidden in his pictures. A perfect alter ego for God. He captures the "Quintessence" of Life, which eventually sends Walter Mitty (or, in my understanding, Mankind) back to the cover of LIFE. Before this, following a worldwide search, the two finally meet in the Himalayas (where else).

Well, if this movie is not about the shift of human consciousness, then I really don't know what is..:) Anyway, the film is full of spiritual hints. Let alone the constant switches of 'dream' and 'awake' states of Walter Mitty during the film.