I am really glad you liked the film Martin. It was indeed intended for the heart. I just knew at the first moment I saw the trailer that this film would carry a very important message for me. I was right, yet I was blown by the complex, multilayered nature of it. And its message, highlighted above, cannot be a 'coincidence' I think, it is so accurately elaborated, with too much analogies. Something similiar to Kubrick's classic, Space Odissey 2001 in this respect. Much more consumable art I admit but these are different times.
An other type of contemporary art that conveys spiritual message is of course pop music videos, something that Open provides great examples for here on the website. A classic one among others is Katy Perry's Firework, that was shot in my hometown Budapest. Katy Perry says it is about self-esteem. Well, without wanting to read too much into its lyrics, it may be about a bit more than that...:)