Incredible.."sacred contracts" As the path unfolds, I have met a few of these along the way. I felt a connection that was so organic, the energy was exchanged so naturally on a soul level, it was divine yet the constraints of the mind at the time wanted to place value and labels on it. There weren't any labels that "fit" It was very revealing and not only did it reflect but actually magnified aspects that were in essence quite paralyzing to the natural flow of beingness. Compromising as a conscious choice was no longer enabled. Then a shift occurred and that catalyst no longer served as it began to feel draining in some way.
When I see through the human eyes, I see how placing value on the moments of the past experiences creates a tendency to "hold" or cherish" but its already dead per say which in turn can constrict the next perceived moment. Its a part of the conditioning I think. Almost instantly when I allowed it to be, the next "sacred contract" was revealed which currently spikes a thought. Its almost as if those beings were chance encounters designed to function as a channel, the precision is so divine. Its almost easy to struggle through the embrace as presence in the moment truly invites. I see the validation the mind likes to toy with which potentially encourages the struggle on some level.. like holding the moment in the mind or heart keeps it alive in some way.
I tend to view the past from the impression it made, it seems as though its as tangible as the footprint in the sand as the waves come over the path behind and ahead, its only in the moment of each step that one can truly feel those grains of sand mold so magically as if each imprint is the perfect mold of that precise moment created by the presence so effortlessly as the being moves through harmoniously. There can never be a transparent clear view obtainable through this form as projection into the future and validation of the past continuously alter the lens when the physical world is the reference point. So gracious for all of you. Glorious Day!