Hi Horse - welcome to Openhand :-)

The passage through an inner Gateways is the passage through a density of being - through a 'dimension'. But the dimensions exist here and now, in the same place, inside of us, just at different frequencies.

We are each multi-dimensional, meaning that to varying degrees, we are unfolded and unleashed into those various densities. So Yes! You are likely to begin to feel them all as you progress down the path - you will see reflections of them all.

However, passage through a density - the completion of one - is always marked by some external 'ceremony' to mark the completion of your movement through a density. And these happen sequentially, just as I've outlined in the 5GATEWAYS book.

If we're being profoundly honest with ourselves, we will know when we've completely processed attachment within a particular density - such as existential, physical issues in the first density for example.