This is fabulous David,
Thanks so much for sharing - I have to say, and feel a bit embarrassed about it - I hadn't seen the Five Gateways in Avatar! But now you point it out - of course it's really clear...

Gateway 1: where Jake awakens to his Avatar (higher self)
Gateway 2: where he realigns to his 'tribe' and higher truth
Gateway 3: where he becomes one of the Na'vi tribe
Gateway 4: exorcising his shadows of deception
Gateway 5: the resurrection of himself as a Na'vi

Another powerful 3D movie out right now is Tron. It is a wonderful metaphor for multi-dimensionality, how it gets created and also where Opposing Consciousness came from.

In a world full of deception, I find the most powerful 'teachings' are those that come in metaphor through story telling. Benevolent Consciousness is working so powerfully in this way with us now.

We just have to master the art of 'reading between the lines'!