Awesome article david, it certainly shifted my perception! I must go and watch avatar again now!!! (though don't have 3D at home, i did see 3D at the cinema :) It affected me deeply as I watched it - but I just saw the reflection of how we have treated our native tribes and their homelands and felt a deep sorrow and despair... I look forward to seeing it with new eyes! ;)

I guess I associate technology with the wasteful, resource-heavy, consumerist industry that seems to be rammed down our throats, catching most people in the net so that it is now quite difficult to be without a mobile, games console, tv, computer or surrounded by the buzzing electrosmog (I haven't had a tv for years, but try convincing the authorities that you don't have one!! They don't believe you!!).

And for those who aren't quite awake to it yet, an urgent need to have the latest, most up to date gizmos, mobiles, computers, tvs and game consoles, regardless if the last one still works or not. A draw away from the old ways of fixing and repairing things, stuff that was made to last - to a disposable society, where increasingly the sense of self is lost in the matrix.

But then on the other hand I take great pleasure in seeing the huge resergence in recycling, making things last, taking old things and making them new again - online networks such as freecycle, skips being emptied, the rise of movements such as freeconomy, transition towns, community food projects - as Chris often points out in his poignant articles, these reflect the rise in human consciousness, and I can really feel that...

and so as the separation between the two gets greater, I see how our individual consciousness can affect the group as a whole, how we are *being* can inspire and lift many others along with us....and how crucial the internet has and will be for lifting the group consciousness to higher levels :)

I loved your final suggestions on how technology might shift to reflect this...

With love