Hi Personne,

I think maybe you saw something in the film which you misunderstood - perhaps you were looking through a filter?

We're not saying the current reality is 'bad' and the new one 'good'. What we are saying, is that the new world is an evolution of the old - that it is more evolved.

When we look around us what do we see? A way of life which is not in the interests of all sentient life. Some are exploited and mistreated - like the plant and animal kingdoms for example. As judgment falls away, that doesn't mean that discernment should fall with it - after all, a rose is still a rose and a thorn a thorn!

In our work, we are observing many people embarking on the Journey of Ascension. They do so by exploring the out-dated ways of living and being which no longer serve them. They bring these disharmonies into their awareness and transcend them to find the higher paradigm. But we can't transcend the lower world if we have no awareness of what the difference is.

That's the point we were getting to.