Since the Fall of 2011, I stopped colouring my hair and had a mantra going in my mind: The Truth Will Set Me Free.

It was so powerful and I was not consciously aware the impact this mantra was having on me. However, the pain of things in my life was getting larger. I woke up one morning a couple of weeks ago, saying all I want is peace and harmony in my life, none of these material things are bringing me that.

In the month of March, I let go of 3 major things/relationships in my life that were not working and taking me away from my truth.

After letting of the last thing (job) last Friday, I am trusting that the Universe is bringing me closer to living in my truth and my life purpose. I am honoured to have found this website a few days ago and watched this documentary last night. I believe that am on the path to my truth.

Thank you for creating this group and documentary.

I am open to more light,