Thank you so much for sharing this video! I have just recently discovered Openhand, and find all your videos and materials so resonating with me, truly uplifting and so helpful!! Thank you both, hope to meet you one day!

I agree with Trinity - being simple the video has a strong message and is very inspiring!
In modern consumer world, we sometimes loose the connection with things.. just do not bother where are they coming from and how many different processes in Nature, resources, energy, knowledge and work of so many different people etc, is needed to produce them.. Even a cup of tea which we drink in the morning! (it is a very good meditation :-))
And so much can be done in small communities! Little initiative can make a big difference..

I live in Norwich, and before watching this video I did not know that Transition Initiative is so strong in our city!! Afterwards have found much useful information on the web, and joined local Sustainable Living group to do organic gardening which will start already this weekend! :-)

Thank you!
With Love ❤