Hey Arthur,

Thanks for sharing - we always value sharing from direct experience. A warm welcome to you here on Openhandweb. :smile:

Just to respond to a couple of points, 'drug' is just a word, like anything else. It's the meaning each individual attaches to it that counts. I simply used it because it's a descriptive term that people apply to these compounds. I have noticed that quite a few people who've taken them retract and react to the word though. They prefer to sanitise with words like 'medicine' for example.

Yes I totally understand the value such an expansion experience can have. Yet I think few people understand the limitations that come with them. Because one has reached an expanded state, which feels more expanded than previous, that doesn't mean they're fully expanded.

We could consider the bodily field like layers of an onion. There are many, in many different dimensions and to a greater or lesser degree the soul infuses them all. A drug can accelerate you momentarily from A to Z, but missing out most of the layers between. And when one 'comes down', the layers one has activated can still be influencing without people realising it. Plus when people then work towards moving naturally from A to Z, step by step, it can be doubly hard because they're so drawn by the higher layers, they can't access and integrate the intermediate ones. Some of these aspects of soul can then be lost for some considerable time, perhaps indefinitely, and its going to seriously decelerate their ultimate Ascension. I speak from direct experience of people who suffer this problem.

And I thankyou for exemplifying my point that once we have touched the 4th Dimension, we attract entities like moths to car headlights. The thing is that these entities are so subtle, most people can't feel them in their fields. They take up residence there and affect people's thoughts and emotions and they don't even know it. It's like a filter that becomes a part of the everyday waking experience that they can't distinguish from authentic reality. The entities bleed energy and ultimately will cause the host to become either self-destructive, or building subtle layers of identity that can be almost impossible to remove. Like making you feel really good, but then slightly out of the body so the soul can't fully integrate.

I'm not speaking from the intellect here. I'm speaking from direct experience in working with several people who've regularly taken LSD, DMT, Ayahausca, Magic Mushrooms. They ALL have serious problems accessing truly expanded higher - but intermediate - dimensions afterwards. And these problems can take many years to iron out. Plus having expanded more through meditation and direct experience, I can actually SEE and FEEL these entities. One guy who had taken Ayahausca several times over a couple of years had about a dozen hanging around him in his field. He had no idea they were there. It took a huge amount of energetic work to remove them. His character completely changed afterwards. And this I've seen several times.

So yes, every road is a road to Enlightenment. But personally, I'd rather help people not waste their time down blind alley ways that may at first look and feel good, but nevertheless, blind alley ways they are.