Hi John,

Thanks so much for having the courage and bravery to share - you stand as a testament to the 'designer-down-to-peru-quick-fix-spiritual-enlightenment movement!' As I said, it's a big thing out there right now and it detracts people from doing serious spiritual progression.

But now this has happened. Where to go from here? As always there IS a way forwards. And it feels to me like you're following the right path now. I've worked with Alcoholics who then went onto the AA plan. I am deeply impressed by the approach, as long as you realise there will come a day when you need to move away from it. It's the point where you are ready to move beyond identity - beyond the old identity of being an alcoholic.

I don't personally know RNA drops. But I assume they're something to do with repairing the amino acid protein uptake within ones damaged DNA?

My immediate intuitive feeling is that its a good repairing bridge.

So you've had this monumental experience. What can you learn from it now? Can you put the idea that something negative has happened to you behind and start from there? From step 1 and progress step by step.

When I stepped onto the spiritual path, I too lost two houses, my family, most of my possessions, my car and my business that I'd built up successfully over several years. But I didn't see this as negative. I could feel the expansions of non attachment as each fell away.

So the key is to keep exploring this moment now. Totally accepting it. Not judging yourself. What's happened has happened. How can we progress from here?

Much love, empathy and support to you.