I feel ever stronger that the use of psychedelics for spiritual growth or just recreation is a dangerous alley to go down. As I mentioned in an earlier post I have taken "magic" mushrooms a number of times and although yes, I did have some very expanded, multi-dimensional experiences, the negative impact that it has had on my life and spiritual journey has been tough.
It feels as though in the expanded states I experienced, my consciousness artificially touched higher levels, and in doing so touched the plane where karma is held. I believe this opened up a doorway and allowed karmic filters to overlap this life, but because my center of consciousnesses was not in that place, I couldn't process a lot of what was activated. So when I did arrive back to earth, I had an unexpected amount of deep confusing pain with me.
I am only now just understanding what actually happened energetically, and in some respects still picking up the pieces.
My advice would be not to go down the route of mind altering substances in any capacity. There are no shortcuts in this journey, just long ways round.