I took magic mushrooms when I went to Amsterdam with some old friends. I found the experience so amazing I took them again the next day and then again. But then experiences started to get more dark and then things didn't start to feel so good, being in the middle of Amsterdam certainly didn't help.

The exploration and experiences triggered a period of depression that stayed with me for years.

Looking back now, I get a clearer energetic perspective of what was going on when I took the drugs. I certainly went into a very expanded state of awareness. I was more open to seeing and feeling things I had never felt before. It felt amazing. This was the part that I really enjoyed and wanted to get back.
As I went on taking them, darker energies got stirred. Fears, emotions and really unpleasant feelings started to consume me and not only affected me mentally but energetically and physically. At the time they related to my life then, but now having seen the patterns, I feel relate to karma.

Because I wasn't in a position to see what was going on or deal with what I was feeling, they largely consumed me, and my physical and mental health really suffered.
I spent years visiting doctors, having tests, referred here, referred there and no one could actually diagnose what was wrong with me. And then one day my Doctor suggested that I was depressed and it might be worth trying anti-depressants.

That was a turning point for me. There was no way I was going to start plastering over the cracks by taking anti-depressants, and my inner and spiritual journey began.

I never took Magic mushrooms for anything other than to try the experience. It certainly opened me up to the world of psychedelics. In terms of them being used for spiritual growth I see them actually being more of a hindrance. For me it's about working with what you are feeling now, there is all the growth and experience you need in that.